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Kazakh Drama Titles

We have a range of new drama titles from Kazakhstan. These are highly produced one hour programmes and are available for specific territories throughout Asia.

A man's mother is against the relationship of her only son and just a regular girl without kith or kin. She tries to destroy their relationship in every way and even ready for a crime. However, the loving hearts are able to overcome any obstacles, even if they are diseases and death on their way. 20 x 42’ HD
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In search of a quiet harbour, she meets a local district police officer. Together they face a complex web of strange incidents occurring in the village ... 20 x 42’ HD  
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Each trip for them is not only a destination, but also meeting new people, unforeseen difficulties, occasional joys, danger and luck. There are new adventures and stories again...8 x 42’ HD 

A story of a girl, Aya, once adopted by another family. Happy days of Aya with age alternate with difficulties. Being "abandoned" in childhood is not the only thing that was meant for Aya. A choice between the birth mother and the mother who raised her drives her crazy. Two countries, two mothers, two different views on life. All this will affect development of Aya as a person. But the "gifts" of life do not end there ... 16 x 42’ HD  
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Tauekel is a young and promising football player, who breaks his leg in a car accident right before he joined the European football club. The hospital told him that he can’t play football anymore. He blames his ex-girlfriend Dinara in this whole situation, because of her jealousy. Tauekel gets depressed and cannot imagine his life without football. He tries to get back in shape, but he is told that it’s impossible. Then he decides to become a football coach at the college. The team that he is training is not trying hard to be the best. Also, he makes friends at the college as well as enemies. After several defeats in a row he loses all hope. But after talking to Saya, a girl that he soon falls in love with, he decides to make his team the best in the city. 40 x 45’ HD   View Trailer 

The television series tells about the role of the mother in our life and simple human values. It reveals urgent social issues of today's society. The main character named Nasip is a lone mother. Over time, as her son grows up he goes to study in the city. However, there he faces different difficulties; he has to survive in the city as he has neither apartment no permanent earnings. At this moment he meets a girl, Ainur, from a wealthy family. After some time, they get married and Azamat decides to take his mother to the city. However, Ainur does not want to share space with her mother-in-law, and a conflict begins between the women. 4 x 42’ HD  View Trailer 

After the February Revolution of 1917, a monarchy fell in Russia. The news of the events in Petrograd of Kazakhstan's population was perceived with a fancy. The Kazakhs welcomed the overthrow of the autocracy, which is justly considered this fact as a consequence of their centuries-old struggle. The leaders of the national liberation movement believed that with the establishment of democracy, freedom and equality, it was time to create national autonomy. This vision of the revolution was shared by most representatives of the Kazakh intelligentsia. 
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