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TVS ASIA is a joint initiative between The Television Syndication Company Inc (TVS) and Sunrise. Established in 2012, the office is based in Singapore and managed by Sunrise under the guidance of TVS. The formal alignment between the two companies was created with two specific goals in mind:

1) To better service the vast Asian market of broadcasters and VOD platforms with a more diverse catalogue of international titles (TVS has in excess of 5,000 hours of content in its ever expanding catalogue).

2) To offer Asian based independent producers an outlet to monetise their content in North America and surrounding territories whilst maintaining the management and control through an established local entity (Sunrise).

The Television Syndication Company President, Cassie M. Yde says about the venture:
"Having a TVS office in Singapore creates further synergy between TVS and Sunrise. Singapore is rapidly establishing itself as a distribution hub for Asia. We were excited to have formed this alliance for the benefit of our companies and the independent producers we represent"

Sunrise CEO, Chris Batson added: "This formal alignment allows both companies to market their product more extensively worldwide by tapping into exclusive alliances with existing producers, broadcasters and the new VOD players in their respective territories."

Based in the USA, The Television Syndication Company commenced operations in 1989 and distributes programming internationally and to US cable networks. Genres include reality, lifestyle, documentaries, travel, music, educational, children’s and more. Additionally, the company currently has
6 series running in US domestic syndication.  For more information and to visit the TVS website here:  The Television Syndication Company