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More than a hunting show, more than a fishing show, more than an extreme adventure show. AOJ is the best of everything the outdoors has to offer and it’s filmed in a format that’s fun for the entire family to enjoy. America’s Outdoor Journal is adventurous, educational and exciting so it appeals to the widest demographic of outdoor enthusiasts. 26 x 30’ HD View Clip

The first and only definitive fishing series from Australia's largest state and now in its 10th year. Our two enthusiastic hosts (one expert and one novice) embark on weekly adventures to one of the most awesome and diverse fishing destinations on the planet 230 x 30' SD & HD
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The golf travel show that takes viewers to America’s finest layouts and provides all the inside information a golf enthusiast is looking for. Each episode features a different course plus golf and fitness tips from the pros. Along the way, historic insights into the different locales are shown. 100 x 30’ HD  View Clip 

If you’re passionate about Outdoor Adventure, you’ll love the new Proguide Outdoors. More than a fishing show, more than an extreme adventure show, PGO is the best of everything the outdoors has to offer and will appeal to the widest demographic of outdoor enthusiasts.  
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From the Saltwater Sport Fishing Capital of the World... Hop aboard with the world's most prominent and dedicated charter captains as they take you offshore in the Straits of Florida targeting big gamefish such as tuna, sailfish, blue marlin, kingfish, mahi-mahi and more…..or to the Everglades backcountry for bonefish, permit, tarpon, redfish and snook. Experience the action and drama involved in stalking and catching the most prized fish in the Florida Keys' beautiful subtropical waters!  50 x 30' HD   View Trailer  

To billions of fans around the world, soccer is not merely a game – it’s a religion. Follow the pilgrimage of some of the most passionate worshippers of the game as they visit their hallowed grounds to the world’s most revered soccer stadiums. Come to understand their unmatched devotion to the world’s most popular game. 13 x 30' HD   View Trailer  

Join us on a journey around the globe as we uncover the next great athletes!  This action-packed half hour introduces these young stars to the world by highlighting their skills, chronicling their rise to stardom and uncovering their "off the field" interests so fans can really get to know the "Up-and-Comers" who will dominate sports for the next decade. 13 x 30' HD   View Trailer  

The world's most extreme fisherman, Matt Watson leads us on a series of exciting expeditions around the world to tangle with the ocean's greatest fish. With remote and wild locations, salty 
and wild characters, this is more than a fishing show - this is an adventure! Informative, innovative and, at times, hilarious - Matt and his team deliver big fish and unrivalled action in every episode. Guaranteed to entertain both fishing and non-fishing enthusiasts simultaneously!  
26 x 30' HD
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