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Our Clients

When it comes to clients we are pretty proud of our track record in Asia and the rest of the world. Below is our list of broadcasters that have licensed from us, along with the independent producers we represent plus our affiliates.



ABS-CBN (Philippines)
AETN (Singapore)                                                                          Al Jazeera (Qatar)
Ameba Kids TV (Canada)                                                           All Time Television (Lebanon)
Aora TV (Indonesia)
Astro (Malaysia)
Australia Plus (Australia)
Bluepin (Korea)                                                                        CLT-UFA (Netherlands)
Digicast (Italy)
Dubai TV (UAE)
Erika (Italy)
Foxtel (Australia)
First HDTV (Russia)
FMC (China) 
Future TV (Lebanon)
Global Eagle (Worldwide)
Iqiyi (China)
Knowledge Channel (Philippines)
LiTV (Malaysia)
Living Channel (New Zealand)
MarineBiz TV (UAE)
Mediacorp (Singapore)
MTV (Australia)
MTV Oy (Finland)
M1 (Singapore)
Nineplanners (Korea)
NTV 7 (Malaysia) (UK)
Okto (Singapore)
Press TV (Iran)                                                        
RTB (Brunei) 
Sensai (Singapore)
SBC (Seycelles)
SBS (Australia)
Spacetoon (indonesia)
Sogecable (Spain)
Starhub (Singapore)
Stellar Inflight (Malaysia)     
TDM (Macao)   
Teka Media (Vietnam)
Teka Media (Vietnam) 
Toon Goggles (USA)
TVB (Hong Kong)
TVNZ (New Zealand) 
TV One (Indonesia)
TVIQ (Malaysia)
TV4 (Sweden)
WFN (Canada)
WTV (Australia)
Xin Ya Channel (Singapore)
Zee TV (India)


Producers                                                               Centrocampo (Italy)                                                   Dragonslayer Asia (Indonesia)

FWA Media (Austalia)                                                                     Gateway Entertainment (Singapore)                                  

Jam TV (New Zealand)                                             

Light Knights (Australia)                            (UK)                                            Pandorra's Box TV (Australia)     

Toque Television (Australia)                            

Whiz Digital (Australia)

WTV (Australia)

Affiliates (sub agents) 

Alati International (Spain) 

Digicom (UK)                                          

Cheers Media (Hong Kong)                                                       

Haluar Entertainment (France)

 Juita Viden (Malaysia)

The Television Syndication Company (USA)

Video Elephant (UK)